Huts on Juara beach, Malaysia.

Tekek To Juara Jungle Hike

The Island of Tioman is steeped in history. During world war 2, the Japanese landed on this island as a point to start their offensive into the Malaysian peninsula and up to Burma eventually. For this they would have to forge a path through the dense tropical jungle that lay between Juara beach and Tekek, which was to be used as a port to the mainland.

This path can now be used to hike through the jungle from Tekek to Juara beach, it takes roughly 3.5 hours and is a great adventure into the thick ancient jungle.

Map of tioman island
A helpful map showing our itinerary.

We arrived close to 5pm, when the sun was starting to set, but just before we would head to the huts for rest, I was eager to find out where this trail started exactly, so when morning would come we could head out knowing where to go! Asking the locals where the path started always got us the reply of “do not go now! big, very big snakes out!”. It would seem between dusk and early morning the reticulated pythons and king cobras came out, and the former was known to be able to devour a human whole…….this only added to my excitement! But as a responsible adventurer , I would wait until 10am, for these nocturnal creatures to retreat into their dens. So we rested.

Huts in Tekek , Tioman Island.
Tekek has some nicely located rooms to sleep in.

The jungle trail to Juara would begin here, not many sign posts around, you just have to remember what the locals tell you navigation wise!

Trail into jungle path of Tekek to Juara
And so the trail leads into the thick jungle

Within minutes of starting the hike, due to the intense humidity we were drenched in sweat, so choose apparel carefully! 70% polyester is usually the best. Cotton can be impossible to dry!

Thick rain forest
Bring binoculars!

An hour in, and we think we’re on the right track. Well we’re hoping who ever left this hat intended it as a guide way……


The path is actually quite easy to follow, as you’re surrounded by thick forestry on either side, so you don’t have much option but to follow the gaps and clearings!

Get the machete ready
No machete? A stick will do!

A little longer and you reach Juara beach, where you can grab some lunch , refreshments and enjoy the beach itself!

Stay the night if you wish!
A wide beach
Put those feet up and have a refreshment!

Once you’ve re-energised, there’s plenty to explore, and some big boulders to climb if you have it in you!

More walking
They’re pretty big so watch out!
Keep an eye on the tide….

Juara is also where my headline picture for the website is taken!

Zach walking into the rainforest from Juara beach.

Make sure to head back on time if you’re staying on the other side for the night, as you do not want to walk past sun down! As the locals warned, big big snakes come out!

Water boat taxi’s are also a good back up to get back to Tekek.

Hope you enjoyed that and found it useful!

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