About The Author

Thanks for dropping by to my little blog! I hope you feel some sense of adventure from reading it ,insights into holiday destinations or maybe you’re planning on going to one of these places I’ve mentioned in the blog and wanted to get an idea of what it’s like! Whatever the reason I’m guessing you’re a curious about who I am apart from a part time adventurer and modern day Indiana Jones!


My name is Zach, as the natural detectives amongst you may have guessed! I work and live in London.

Magically switching to third person. Zach enjoys reading by day and writing by night. Occasionally you may spot him climbing around indoor walls in London, or practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! An avid foodie, you’ll most likely find him sinking his teeth into the best burgers around town (Amigos, Acton , takes the throne for now) or checking out the latest indie movies at the Prince Charles or Curzon in Soho.


Do pop over and say hello if you happen by!