An Introduction

Serene and peaceful is what I would use to describe the scattering of solar winds across the infinite night sky that now became a heavenly emerald city above my head. With this heaven as a mirror, I put on the robes of the writer.

Well that’s partly true, the northern lights could indeed be seen from Southern England on the rare occasion of that night, however I was not there (unfortunately, but hey if you read my story you’ll see I eventually make it there!), and I started writing actually a day later from that event.

You see folks that’s what the movies mean when they say based on true events. The events of my adventures around the world blogged here are not based on true events, no that word doesn’t do it justice! The adventures I digitally unfold to you, the readers, happened in real life! This is my story, journal and blog that wishes to entertain you, but also inform you! And of what you ask? Well……

That there’s a great big adventure out there!!!

Just casually standing in front of Mount Everest……as you do!

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