Sunset over a Himalayan mountain

Sunrises & Sunsets From Around The World

Everyone appreciates a good sunrise and sunset. Here’s a collection of some of them I’ve been lucky enough to see around the world!

In no particular order, but starting off with my favorite one, the sunset in the Nepali Himalayas near Everest Base Camp in Lobuche. The beautiful colours from the sunset were reflected on the small stream below and the towering mountain in front just adds to it perfectly!

Sunset over a Himalayan mountain
Sunset at 5000m. Lobuche, Nepal.

Next morning when we set off for our final push to Everest base camp, we managed to see the sun rise from that same mountain, albeit a different angle!

Sunrise over a Lobuche.
Sunrise at 5000m in Lobuche, with Steve laughing at a joke Krishna made. Sadly I cant remember the joke!

Then to close off this part of the world, a lovely somber sunset in Kathmandu caught from sitting on the roof top of our hotel.

Moving over to the other side of the world, quite literally, we’re in South Australia, in the Grampian mountain ranges! Camping out mid way up a mountain in the jungle we managed to see a great sunset, followed by a magnificent sunrise the next morning.

Sunset in the Jungle in Australia.
Australian sunsets as seen from their wild jungles.
Sunrise as seen from a mountain edge.
The next morning we were treated to this sunrise bringing light to the small town below.

A bit closer to home, Denmark had some great sunsets on offer from the coasts of Jutland.

Sunset on the coast in Jutland, Denmark
An incredible sunset along the coasts of Jutland, Denmark. Credit to elisabeth.gram (instagram)

And finally, the sun setting over one of my favorite cities, the big apple, NYC.

Sunset over new york city with view of empire state building.
The sun setting over New York City, but that doesn’t mean its going to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed! Where was your best sunrise/sunset seen?

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