Tea Plantations over hills

Cameron Highlands – Tea Time Land.

The Cameron highlands are known to be the place where its always tea time. Stretches of highlands are covered in tea plantations, and the cool climate from its 1300m to 1800m altitudes makes it a refuge place from the tropical heat below.

The tea plantations and the mossy forest were the two main things I wanted to see here.

The mossy forest grows at the highest altitude of the Cameron highlands. Here the low level clouds spread over and blanket the area with moisture and mist. This creates an environment ideal for moss, ferns, orchid and lichen to flourish. It also makes for a really green hike!

If you follow the signs for Parit falls, you can start your hike and exploring from there and see where you end up!

Easy enough directions.
Straight forward path.

There are even steps in the beginning to help you ease in!


But for you adventurers out there, fear not, it does get wild too. The path starts to become more intertwined with the nature around it.

Could do with a machete…
What was I thinking wearing those trousers..

Don’t forget to look up and around when you’re hiking so you don’t miss all the flora and fauna unique to this enchanting forest.

I wish I knew what these were.
Full of life.
Nature’s tapestry.
Little friend!

Now where’s that waterfall? Well, if you spot some water, just follow it downstream I guess……or upstream?

Where does this lead?
Guess I’ll just follow this!

Eventually you find it! Its not that hard!

Enclosed by forest.
From what I heard from the locals, a torrential storm had damaged the hut bridge beyond use.

Following downstream, you can find an area where bathers come to enjoy the cooling relief.

Take a dip!

Well maybe that was an exaggeration! But there’s no reason to not jump into the waterfall pool……I’m just not a fan of submerging in brown water……

After that we headed back to Hill View Inn, which deserves a shout out, as it is located in a very scenic place, the Inn itself is a huge mansion and great to stay in!

Hill View Inn
Leafy design

The next day involved a short coach trip to the tea plantation fields, the easiest way to do is to book the tour through your accommodation.

The Boh Tea plantation is the source of the most popular tea amongst Malaysians and provides 60% of all black tea for the country.

Take your pick!
A closer look
Its endless

The Boh Tea Plantation centre is right around the corner, where you can taste some of the tea and buy some leaves as souvenirs to finish off your day!

Partial photo creds: Elisabeth.Gram

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