The Perhentian Islands

These beautiful islands are located in the South China Sea off the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula. Closed during the winter months as the seas are too rough to carry people over safely. However when they’re open they are the source of calm, crystal clear turquoise warm waters and white sand.

The two main islands are Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil, with some small uninhabited island close by too. Besar is the larger of the two and is where the boat from the mainland drops you off to.

The boat taxi port located quite nicely.
Couldn’t find a Perhentians top beforehand.

The waters here are calm, bath tub warm, and offer a lot of snorkeling opportunities as fish can be spotted in abundance!

Tropical paradise.

Right next to the beach is some ruined old stairways that lead to the other beaches and jungle paths near by that you can follow for a little adventure!

Ready to snorkel!

We bumped into a little buddy on the way! A white bellied sea eagle!

Just minding his own business.

The staircase isn’t exactly in the greatest condition, so do walk with caution!

Nature reclaiming.
Balance is the key.
Guess it still works?

This next area and stretch of beach is completely empty and we have it all to ourselves which is great for a bit of peace and relaxation! Another reason why I love this hidden gem of a place!

The sand is a bit more rocky here though.
Just us and the rock.
A little rock bay.
We actually managed to go explore and walk along those rocks but it became too difficult to go any further around the bend.

We headed back to take a taxi boat to the next island where our accommodation was, Kecil Island, to an area called Long Beach!

Just before we could do that though, a flash storm came in! Made for some cool pictures though!

A relief from the heat.
Its called a rain forest for a reason.
I’d still take a dip in!

With the rain subsiding and sun back, we hopped on a taxi boat to Kecil, Long Beach!

The taxi boat dropped us off at this beautiful spot on Long Beach, with plenty of small restaurants near by too for refreshments.

White soft sand.
I’d recommend the Malay ice cream tea.

Close by is another beach called Coral bay that has a few more restaurants, and more coral reef, unfortunately most of it is bleached reef, but does still support aquatic life.

Great food for a dollar!
bleached coral with fish
The coral close to the beach is mostly bleached, but if you swim further in you can see some more colourful ones.

To find and book accommodation, as they don’t have much internet or constant source of electricity you can’t book it in advance, so you have to walk around asking if they have room for you. Luckily we found the perfect place nestled in the jungle up a hill not far from the beach. Although be warned, you will be quite up close and personal with the jungles animal inhabitants, like massive monitor lizards, and yes even tarantulas that sneak into your room. But just look at this place!

It’s adventurous!
And not a bad view!

With that the day came to a close and it was time to rest up.

Full moon party close…..

Photo credits: Elisabeth Gram

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