beach of langkawi

Langkawi, The Jewel of Kedah

Adjacent to the Thai border , on the Andaman sea is the island of Langkawi. Part of an archipelago of 99 islands!

The island has a very welcoming feel to it, and was not over crowded with tourists and people, which meant sometimes you could have the whole beach to yourself!

No overcrowding here.
Dare to try and swim to the other island?

It was off peak season due to the monsoon being around the corner, however the weather was still enjoyable, and the cheaper prices a great benefit!

In Malaysia, monsoon is either active on the Andaman Sea part of the peninsula, or on the South China Sea. So if you time your trip so that you just about leave the Andaman Sea once monsoon is starting, you can get to the South China Sea and have enjoyed both water’s islands without real monsoon!

For reference, this trip was done mid August to mid September.

In Langkawi you’ll find a lot of island hopping tours that are great to join! That means getting into one of these small taxi boats, and getting your feet a little wet whilst you attempt to get in!

Its safe!….I think.

One of the stops includes a geo forest park, which is an uninhabited island, with a beautiful lake in the middle.

Geo-Forest Park
The waters warm enough for a comfortable dip in!
Kayaking adventures!

Just as you’re leaving, the tour guide put on a show with the mascot of the Islands, the Brahminy Kite Eagles.

Elegant rulers of the skies
Another one comes in.
We’re surrounded!

The eagle feeding show is a great way to see these majestic creatures native to these islands.

One of the islands you stop at is called Monkey Island, and for good reason. Although the beach seems peaceful and a good spot to leave your stuff down and go for a dip, be warned that monkeys will come out from the trees and steal your belongings! Especially any food! I saw this happen first hand to some unsuspecting couples.

Watch out for the hiding monkeys.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of these cheeky monkeys as they were quite fast in their retreat!

To end the day, you’re dropped off back at Langkawi where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset!

Sunset colours.

It was a short trip in Langkawi due to the oncoming monsoon. However, we would be making our way back to the mainland and east to the South China Sea, where we would be spending more time in what I found to be the most beautiful island and beaches I’ve ever come across. The Perhentians

Stay Tuned!

Photo credits : Elisabeth Gram

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