Zach staring out into the ocean from the top of Penang

Penang! Pearl of the Orient

After several hours on a coach from Kuala Lumpur, we arrived in the state of Penang and were eagerly looking for the ferry to make our way to Georgetown!

Upon arrival in Georgetown, I wanted to get an idea of where exactly I was and a feel for the island, so we headed up the hill of Bukit Bandera (Penang Hill), where you could get great views of the sea and island.

To get up the hill, hop on the funicular railway!

Don’t look down.

Right at the top is a resort and terrace to relax on, with some great views!

Bukit Bendera is the Malay name for Penang Hill

And in case you wanted to get your bearings even more correct.

London is a tad bit far now.

Behind me you can see the bridge that links the island to the mainland.

Totally not feeling vertigo.

And the wild side not far behind.

Cargo ships in the distance.

Once your appetite starts getting the better of you, head over to David Brown’s for some afternoon tea and dessert!

The cherry on top of Penang Hill.
Hits the spot.

Caffeinated up and sweet tooth satisfied, we headed down to the bustling town, which has ghosts of it’s British colonial past in the form of it’s architecture.

The past as seen in the town hall.
Colonial with a hint of Asia.

Georgetown also has some great street art that you can’t miss an opportunity to get a photo with!

Hitching a ride.
Ride like the wind.
He’s trying to tell us something!
The gang hanging out.

The Georgetown street market, aka little Penang street market is the place for clothes and souvenirs run by the locals and is a must visit!

Little Penang Street Market
Don’t forget to negotiate the price!

I also stumbled on this beautiful classic!

This person drives in style.

To finish the day off, head over to the famous Hawker Food Stall centres, where you’ll find inexpensive, richly flavored food using age old family recipes! You cannot go wrong!

Also, Anthony Bourdain sat at one of these centres, and has said to have smiled from the taste of the food! I know I did!

Have your pick!
Right by the sea!
And only for a dollar!
I can see why the man himself smiled at this food!

With the day coming to a close we headed back to our accommodation, which I have to give a shout out and recommendation for as it was very reasonably priced and looked fantastic inside and out! Chulia Heritage Hotel is placed within a UNESCO heritage site and is well worth the stay!

Its hidden in one of the alleys off Chulia street.
Not a shabby entrance
Feels like a palace!

Photo credits to : Elisabeth.Gram

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