The Rain Forest City, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a city that proves nature and humans can go hand in hand. The city is built in what was the South East Asian rainforest, yet it has not eradicated all evidence of this. It maintains natural parks reminiscent of the ancient rainforest, and the Batu Caves close by have been around for 400 million years!

The first stop on the list was Thean Hou Temple.

Zach in front of Thean Hou temple entrance
I’m keen to explore
Thean Hou Temple
Stunning architecture
Budda statue

Also a good spot for the romantics amongst you.

Rose archway
Proposal spots for KL’ers?

The concrete jungle looms close by. A quick snap of Kuala Lumpurs skyline can be enjoyed from the temple.

Kuala Lumpur skyline
Even better at night?

But nature also maintains a presence, as the temple offers views of the small rainforest near by.

Rainforest view from Thean Hou temple
Also a good place to hide from the rain.

And don’t forget the temple’s other local residents.

Chilling out at the temple with the boys.

Next stop was the Skydeck KL Tower, where you can go up to a vertigo inducing height for a pretty reasonably priced meal and great views of the city, including the famous Petronas Towers.

Skydeck KL Tower
Hope the elevator works?
Kuala Lumpur from above
Kuala Lumpur from above

A cool rainforest walkway then forms part of the way towards the Petronas Towers. Which is where we’re headed next!

Rainforest walkway
Believe me, it was humid in there.
Petronas towers from far
Getting closer
Next to Petronas Towers
And touchdown!

And some light works in combination with the water feature on display too!

Water works
It’s making me thirsty.

A half an hour train ride from KL Sentral to Batu Caves train station will take you to, you guessed it, the Batu Caves! An absolute must see in the city!

The Batu Caves have also become an area holy to the Tamil peoples of India, dedicated to Lord Murugan, and a focal point of the Hindu festival Thaipusam.

Kuala Lumpur is a very beautiful culturally diverse place being a majority Muslim city, with Hindu and Buddhist shrines and history also embedded within.

Hindi Temple
Hindu temple outside Batu Caves.

There’s quite a few stairs to climb before you enter the caves, and also a large guardian.

Murugan statue
Lord Murugan stands guard.

And watch out for these little ones. They’re sneaky and mischievous.

Keep those water bottles close to you……..

After what feels like quite the workout, with your legs starting to burn, the end is in sight!

Batu Caves entrance
The light, I see the light!

The cave is more a large cavern, with the actual tunnels being further deep inside requiring special gear to go into. However, its still worth the climb up!

batu cave roof
An escape route?
shrine in batu cave
A shrine embedded into the cave walls. Very eerie.
Deep with Batu caves
The end of the line.
This little guy was eyeing up the water bottle of the person next to me. I was keeping a close eye on him…….

With the day coming to a close, it was time to feast on the famous Malaysian street food!

Street food
The smells were overwhelming my senses!

The food was beyond delicious, and I would fly back thousands of miles just to have it again!

Plates of malay food
Cheap and delicious
Don’t forget your veggies!
Carb up for that energy!

And with the sun setting, the previously visited towers now looked even better.

Petronas Towers at night
Petronas at night.
Like rockets.
Skydeck KL tower at night
Easy to spot

And that was a day in Kuala Lumpur!

Next stop, a very long over night bus and ferry to Penang!

Photo Credits: Elisabeth.Gram


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