Atlas mountain huts of Berber people

Morocco Part 2: The Atlas Mountains

After our eventful day in Marrakesh came to a close, we set our gaze towards the Atlas Mountains for a day trip to the home of North Africa’s very interesting nomadic indigenous people, the Berbers.

One of the taxi drivers that drove us heard of our ambitions to explore the Atlas mountains, and offered us a day trip there alongside short pit stops to see shops and crafts of the locals.

And so off we went, with me calling shotgun, and some cool views of the approaching Atlas mountains!

The anticipation was building
The long road to adventure.

We made our first pit stop after a few hours of driving at a local grocery store where we could pick up refreshments, but also climb up to the roof to get a view of the surrounding area.

Argan Oil farms close by….
Small town vibes.

An hour drive further in , we made a stop for lunch, at a picturesque restaurant right next to a mountain stream, who needs tap water when you’ve got the source right there!

A jug for the table please.
The simple life.

Once we’d filled our bellies with energy, it was time to set off for our expedition up the mountain! Our part human, part mountain goat guide Ali lead the way towards the hidden waterfall in the mountain side.

Watch your step!
A little bit of scrambling here and there.

Not too long later and the source of the stream is found!

Zach standing next to a waterfall
I forgot to pack my swim wear 😦

But it doesn’t end there! The climb goes on and assistance is close by , in the form of a ladder.

Who needs ice axes and bolts?
Qasim has a phobia of heights, but we always drag him to these places anyway.

The climb eventually leads to a flat area with a large boulder that presents a great photo opportunity for something like this.

All worthwhile.

That wraps it up! It was a short trip but a nice way to see the other side of Morocco!


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